sensemakers collective

Our Services

Facilitation of network or interaction meetings for stakeholders

Based on the principles of participation and self-organisation, we facilitate roundtables, Open Spaces and other formats tailored to the needs of the participants. By creating such spaces, we facilitate purpose-oriented dialogue, co-creation and co-experience for smaller and larger groups.

Co-creative system practice

We support clients to tackle their immediate challenges while integrating a systemic perspective of underlying patterns and behaviours producing issues in the given system. We help clients make sense of the system, including the emotional and intention landscapes, and identify and test leverage points for strategic change through collective system mapping and sensing.

Vision, Strategy and Mission development

Harnessing mindfulness approaches, systems practice to prototyping, we support teams to activate the diversity of insights and perspectives for this process. We enable clients sense the vision of a healthier system, the personal connection to their work and users as well as the comparative advantages of their organisation. From there, we prototype the development of strategy and mission statements refining actionable and measurable goals.

Facilitation and formulation of team’s purpose

In a safe and appreciative environment, we explore values and purpose of teams together in depth. On this journey, we help teams refine their purpose navigating between their own personal calling and the vision and mission of the organisation.

Organisational learning and change 

We enable appreciative, trusted and innovative learning environments to inform transformations and continuous learning. On this journey, we help teams tap into storytelling, appreciative inquiries, prototyping and peer coaching to develop a rich and diverse perception to continuously learn and improve in an appreciative environment.

Systemic monitoring and evaluation

We conduct systemic evaluation of organisations’ programmes and projects. We support teams to celebrate major achievements and reflect on success factors and challenges in the larger system including the stakeholders’/target group needs but also within the internal organisation system. We  capitalise on these three insights (large system, stakeholders/target groups, internal organization) to take a deep dive into the Theory of Change and inform future strategies, structures and behaviors.