sensemakers collective

Sensemaking in Action

Innovation in the evaluation system of the Global Environment Facility (GEF)

We are currently supporting the GEF to co-design its evaluation system so that it can help implementing agencies deliver not only on accountability but also on learning.  With a team, we combine Systems Thinking and Design Thinking in order to gain a user-centered view on how to enhance participation, learning, and innovation in evaluation systems.

Capacity Building of the UNDP's Green Commodities Community in Systems Practice

We are building the capacity of change agents in Systems Practice and Collective Leadership. Our unique approach combines systemic theories of change with trainings in listening and sensing skills as well as emphasizing the role of underlying intentions from which behaviours emerge.

Facilitating learning using systems practice for UNDP’s Good Growth Partnership

We are also supporting the UNDP’s Good Growth Partnership with facilitation approaches enabling embodied, emotional and cognitive intelligence for collective transformation processes in the beef-soy supply chain in Paraguay and soy supply chain in Brazil.

Evaluation of UNDP’s Good Growth Partnership

We provided systemic evaluation of UNDP’s Green Growth Partnership reinforcing their systems change and partnership approach. See the evaluation report.

Co-creation process for the call of funding for the Swiss Development Cooperation

We facilitated the co-creation of the call for funds for the Swiss Development Cooperation with its partners using Systems and Design Thinking.

Bubble-hopping Journey with Fika: Capacity Building in Listening and Dialogue for Bridging Divides

During a series of three interactive online workshops, we practiced listening and dialogue skills, explored biases and how to handle one's own triggers. All this, in order to hop to another bubble and genuinely open up and listen to a person living a different reality from ours - there is always something to learn...

Climate Alliance ‘s Change the Power Partnership

We facilitated learning and evaluation on the level of the intervention including strategy, purpose, vision and on how interventions are operating for this multi-city European partnership.

WWF ‘s Collaboration for Forest and Agriculture

We provided innovation in systems practice and understanding of stakeholders through systems science role playing games. We provide analysis and  insight on issues on deforestation free supply chains.

Endeva ii2030

We helped facilitate Endeva ii2030 event which brought together leading innovators from corporates, startups, the public sector, NGOs and science to co-create solutions to achieve a more inclusive society by 2030.