sensemakers collective

Building Integrated Change through Dialogue

A collaborative journey to develop the skills and knowledge for leading individual and collective change.

4 weeks · 12 hours of interactive and engaging sessions

From June 9 to June 30   ·   Each wednesday 9:30 am - 12:30pm

In collaboration with Puzzle Innovation

What will change for me during this course?

Why Dialogue?

In this course, we understand being in dialogue as a generative exchange with the outer and inner sphere. Beyond deep listening and authentic curiosity, we see dialogue as a mindset of genuine openness to who- or whatever we are in dialogue with.

Selected methods such as interviewing, peer-to-peer coaching, journaling, group dialogues, case studies and other practices will help build our capacities for generative dialogue - a playful and effective toolkit for exploring and stewarding the emergence of something new.



What should I bring to this course?

Throughout the course, we will explore capacities that we deem necessary for working on inner and outer learning.  

For your journey, we invite you to select a use case allowing all of your learning to have a real life backdrop. Our invitation is for you to follow your guts and sense into where you feel a need for transformation.  

To give you some examples of past projects:

Let us also emphasize that your use case will develop with you throughout the journey. So whatever you pick in the beginning is invited to change itself. Meaning, if you change your mind or need to adjust the initial use case at some point, that's even a great sign that you are actually learning.

Now, this is an invitation to get as practical as possible. You are equally invited to dive through our process without picking one use case. When there are exercises requiring that we have a real life example in our minds, you can also do that more ad hoc rather than building on your use case. This way, you can make the course just as meaningful for yourself.

Alumni Benefits

Already as a student you will be invited to join the Alumni Community of this course. With completion you will receive lifelong access to the network. This includes:

  • Being able to contact other amazing people
  • Being invited to speak at future Puzzle Innovation events
  • Being able to participate in the fourth week of future courses and continue lifelong learning


After each session, training materials will be distributed in order to continue the learning throughout the week.



Falko Döring, Puzzle Innovation

Tiago Mendes, Puzzle Innovation

Pierre Golbach, sensemakers collective