sensemakers collective

Our Intention

Our vision at Sensemakers Collective is to contribute to systemic change for a global environmental, social and economic transformation. 

Whatever the scale of change needed, our mission is to create safe and creative spaces which support our clients to engage in systemic change.

We enable our clients to see the system of interest through various lenses and to empathise with different views in order to open up to complexity.

In this safe and creative space, we facilitate the building of trust, the sharing and actualisation of intentions emerging as our clients and their stakeholders become partners.

We also ensure our clients are fully equipped to sustain and initiate change processes as learning organisations in the future.

We pursue this mission by integrating various state-of-the-art facilitation approaches enabling embodied, emotional and cognitive intelligence for collective learning and action. Take a look at our services to find out more. 

Our focus is especially on processes for sustainability, inclusivity, trust-building and cooperation.